Where to stay…

I have been researching different places to stay in New Zealand that are free or cheap. Here are a few options:

Kiwi House Sitter: This is my favorite option so far…because it is free to have an entire house! I made a kiwi house-sitter account and I am now in the process of applying to house sit for families that go on vacation and need someone to look after their home and pets. So far I have contacted many house owners. I am booked for a stay in Kerikeri in the Northland from September-October and in Wellington for December!

WWOOFing: Stands for…World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. This is a volunteer travel website. You make a profile and then put skills that you have to offer a host family (usually on a farm) then you live and eat with the host family. You are able to see what each host family needs on their farm and apply to help them for a few days or months. The family will teach you skills and you volunteer for a few hours each day and get accommodations, a room and meals. I am very excited about this opportunity to learn new things, help farms and meet new people. So far I have a few WWOOFing experiences booked! September in Matakana Warkworth. October: Rotorua, Tirau, and Hamilton.

Airbnb: This is also a great option to stay in a house for pretty cheap. Sometimes even cheaper than a hostel. People rent out their entire homes for use and you pay to stay. I am excited to be staying in an Airbnb for a week in Auckland once I arrive to New Zealand.

Hostels: Another cheap and quick option to find a place to stay. A great way to meet people!



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