Arrived in New Zealand…

I arrived in New Zealand on Thursday September 15th at 6am. Air New Zealand was the best plane I have flown on. Everyone was so kind and helpful. I made friends with the girl next to me and will hopefully meet up with her to teach her to ski sometime. During the flight you will have to fill out a form to enter customs. Claim any sealed and packaged food items Or hiking/camping gear that you bring into the country or else you will be fined. Your shoes must be cleaned of dirt and you are not allowed to bring perishable fruits or food into NZ. Once I landed in Auckland, I went through customs quickly and easily then waited for the Sky Bus right at the airport to go to the city. The bus was about half and hour ride to the city. I am currently staying at a beautiful Airbnb in Auckland. The first day I was very tired and it was raining since it is spring time so I was very happy I brought my raincoat. 

On the way to Auckland !

My first steps in New Zealand !


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