Kiwi House Sit: Kerikeri (Northland, NZ)

For the last two weeks I have been staying in Kerikeri in the Northland of New Zealand. Kerikeri is actually a really big (little) town based on the other “towns” I have seen in the Northland. It has a few gas stations, banks, shops, restaurants and even a library.


Hot Chocolate at Zest in Kerikeri

If it had not been for Kiwi House Sitters and having free accommodation to take care of the cat, I probably would have not stayed in the north of NZ because most people say that there really isn’t much to do (although I now disagree.)


The house has a big garden and even a banana tree with delicious bananas.


The kitchen has been different to cook in but I have made many delicious meals and even pizza in he stone pizza oven in the back yard.

The town has very delicious restaurants to eat at and many lunch specials such as: chicken tikka masala and pad thai.


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