A Quick Tour of the South Island: Karamea 

The long six hour drive from Christchurch to the small town of Karamea was a georgous one even though it was a cloudy day. 

We drove through Arthurs Pass and stopped at Castle Hill to see the giant rocks and hiked to waterfalls. 

One of my favorite hikes in New Zealand called, Bealey Valley Track in Arthurs Pass had many bridges, wooden pathways and views of the mountains. 
The roads to the tiny town of 500 people in Karamea were long and windy but our airbnb host was so welcoming and shared her travel stories, yoga class and where the best secret hikes are in Karamea. 

We hiked to Oparara Basin and saw a beautiful blue sky shining through from above.  

This lake is along a track and is like a mirror as it reflects the sky and beautiful rainforest trees. 

We climbed into a cave and saw the outstanding view from under the basin. 

The river is red-ish because the water flows through the rain forest ground as the leaf tannins soak in the water and basically make leaf tea water! 
The little moss waterfalls were by far my favorite to see. 


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