A Quick Tour of the South Island: Wanaka

One of my favorite towns in the South Island is called Wanaka. It is located towards the middle West coast side of the island and is home to a beautiful town with lots of restaurants and shops as well as great lake views and hikes. 

These flowers are called lupins and in the Springtime are seen all over the south island. 

This tree is the famous Wanaka Tree that is growing in the lake. It was difficult to find on a map but is actually located on the left side of the lake by the lake front park away from town. 

Brittany and I hiked up and down Isthmus Peak for seven hours to see the gorgeous views of two lakes. Along our hike there were plenty of cute sheep walking around which were on the farm you hike through to get to the track up. 

The hike was difficult and steep but it was worth the incredible views seen throughout the track and at the top of the mountain. 

We were up so high we could see rain showers over the lake in the distance. 

At the top of the mountain it was snowing and someone built a little snowman who gets to look at views of the lakes all day. 


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