A Quick Tour of the South Island: Dunedin 

Located on the south east side of the South Island is city of Dunedin

Dunedin’s steep windy roads reminded me of San Francisco. Actually, the steepest road in the world is located in Dunedin! It was very steep to walk up but there were stairs on the side which was nice…and totally cheating! 

There is a beautiful Botanic Garden in Dunedin which was so wonderful to walk around and see the flowers and trees. 

If you want to pay to see another garden and castle, The Larnach Castle also has georgous gardens and views of the city. 

Dunedin has absolutely amazing sunrises…the first sunrise of each day. 

A little drive north from Dunedin along the coast you can see the mesmerizing Moeraki Boulders. 

I swear that aliens pieced these perfectly round rocks together. It was so interesting to see the few broken Boulders to see what they looked like inside. 


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