A Quick Tour of the South Island: Milford Sound and Catlins 

On the south west side of the South Island is the world famous wonder, Milford Sound

The ferry tour departs early in the morning and the closest way to get to Milford Sound is to drive from the small town of Te Anau. Or book the bus tour from Queenstown.  They actually recommend going to Milford Sound after or during a big rainstorm because alongside the mountains are thousands of waterfalls.

On a normal sunny day, there are only two waterfalls. I was a little disappointed because I thought that the water was going to be clear and that the ferry tour would have been longer. There was so much hype about Milford Sound being the most beautiful place on earth…I didn’t think it was the most beautiful and it did not really live up to its high expectations. 

On the southern tip of the South Island is the area known as The Catlins. 

In the Catlins you can see lighthouses, the southern most part of New Zealand sign, and these magical wind-swept trees. 


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