Christmas: Suprise Visit Home

I decided only three days before Christmas Eve to book tickets home. I only told my brother, my aunt so she could pick me up from the airport, and my dad so I could make sure I had a spot at dinner out on Christmas eve in Philly. (I was so excited to eat Italian food) Cuffari’s are famous for suprises so I figured I would keep up the tradition! 

I took three flights to get home. My first was a short 40min flight in New Zealand up to Auckland. The airport was so small they didn’t even have security and I just walked onto the plane from outside. I had to literally hand my bag to the worker so it could be placed under the plane. My flight only had five people…including me. Everyone was so kind.

After hanging around the Auckland airport for six hours…I finally got my second flight to San Francisco which was 13 hours long.

Once landing in San Francisco (after circling for an hour around the airport due to so much fog in SFO) I had to sprint  to through customs, security, and all the way to the domestic terminal to make my flight to Newark. It was so weird to leave the kind and small airports in New Zealand to the rude, highly disorganized and crazy packed ones in the US…it was not welcoming at all.

Pictured above, on my flight to Newark I looked out at the snow covered ground and think that I spotted Blue Mountain Ski Resort.

My aunt picked me up from Newark and drove me to go suprise my mom at her house. She had no idea that I was there! I was literally standing next to her while she was eating dinner and she didn’t even notice! It was absolutely the best suprise ever!

I also suprised my friend Colleen at her house. She had no clue I was in her house for half an hour talking to her parents downstairs until I finally knocked on her door and she then slammed the door…like she does when people suprise her. It was so funny!

The next suprise was my Grandparents in Philly on Christmas Eve. I rang their door bell, and my Grandmom opened the door screaming. But the best part of the suprise video was my Grandpop. He totally knew that my brother was holding my phone beforehand. He was screaming “She is sneaky!”

It was great to spend time with family and friends over Christmas and New Years. 


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