A Quick Stop in Sydney, Australia 

On the way to Japan I flew from Christchurch, New Zealand over to Sydney, Australia for a few days.

It was great to be in Sydney and see more people and a bigger city. This is the Queen  Victoria Building in the city center. It was raining so it was a nice place to walk through. The building is a huge mall with expensive stores and fancy decor.There are many restaurants and bars with different types of cuisines in Sydney. My favorite night was spent at Norsk Dor, a Norwegian bar that is hidden below the city. It was an incredible night!Walking down to the bar/restaurant is an experience in it self (be sure to listen to the walls!) Once you enter the restaurant you become overwhelmed with the incredible atmosphere. I was not expecting the restaurant to be so warm, cozy and inviting. The restaurant gets crowded fast so be sure to make reservations. The menu is made up of small Norwegian style foods that are easy to share. All of the drinks and food were absolutely delicious. If you sit at the bar you are able to see into the kitchen area and watch the chefs create their beautiful Norwegian plates. I was not able to take any pictures of the food… because I was enjoying it so much! 

And of course no trip to Sydney would be complete without a visit to The Sydney Opera House. I enjoyed my time in Sydney and definitely want to go back to Australia to explore more. 


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