The Best Sushi Making Class in Japan!

My first stop in Japan was Tokyo. I knew I would like Tokyo, but I unexpectedly fell in love with the city life, ease of transportation, such kind and helpful people, and of course the food. The first day I spent in Tokyo was at a sushi making class. Cooking School Yuka Mazda was my favorite cooking class I ever went to! If you’re planning on visiting Tokyo I highly recommend that you take one of Yuka’s traditional Japanese cooking classes. She offers sushi, tempura, teriyaki, and gyoza with wagyu beef cooking classes as well. Yuka was the chef that taught the sushi class. She was incredibly kind, funny, and extremely knowledgeable of traditional Japanese cooking. Yuka helped each of us to cut the sushi fish correctly which was not as easy as it looked. She bought us the finest fresh ingredients and taught us not only how to make sushi but how to properly cook Miso soup and how to make sushi rice…the correct way. You will not go hungry after leaving Yuka’s sushi class. We made so much sushi and had extra rice, fish and vegetables to eat as well as homemade Miso soup, tofu, tea, and even a sweet dorayaki (Japanese red bean cake.)Of all the sushi and even Miso soup that I ate in Japan, the food that I had at this cooking class was by far the best quality and taste.I learned so much about sushi making, Japanese food and culture. It was a great start to my trip in Japan. I am definitely going back to Tokyo some day and cannot wait to go to Yuka’s cooking class again! 


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