Japan: Okonomiyaki (Japanese Cabbage Pancakes)

One of my favorite Japanese dishes to eat is Okonomiyaki. It is a savory cabbage, vegetable, meat pancake that is made on a hot griddle on your table. My first try of Okonomiyaki was at Sakura Tei in Tokyo. The restaurant is tucked away down a tiny street but has a huge selection of different types of Okonomiyaki, rice, and noodles to cook and eat. It was so much fun to cook the Okonomiyaki and noodles at the table. They were truly delicious. After you cook the meat and vegetables you pour the batter onto the grill and cook until bubbly. Each person has their own small spatula that is used to then scrape the Okonomiyaki from the grill and eat. Depending on the region of Japan that you are in there are different variations of how Okonomiyaki is prepared. Above and below is Okonomiyaki from Osaka. It is traditionally made as a street festival food and it rolled onto chopsticks for easy eating.Okonomiyaki from Hiroshima is layered instead of mixed together like it is in Tokyo. The thin layer of pancake batter is then topped with noodles. Then vegetables and pork are cooked on top. This is then flipped over onto an egg and seasoned with spices and savory sauces. 


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