Japan: Bar 零 (Zero)

My favorite Bar I have been to is Bar零. It is located in Tokyo, Japan. It is easiest to find Bar零 by getting off at the Ikebukuro Station. You will have to look for the dark wooden door off to the side of the bustling street with the small sign. 

Once through the door, you walk down the narrow staircase to another door and are greeted by the owner, and are seated at the beautiful, dimly lit, traditional Japanese bar.

The bar is the perfect spot for a quiet date night drink because of the intimate size, highly skilled bartender and wonderful cocktails. 

The owner is extremely kind and speaks English very well. He will love to have a nice conversation with you. He has owned and operated the bar for sixteen years.

Once you order a drink, be sure to watch him make it. He uses perfected skill and precision to cut each ice cube to the correct size so it will slowly melt and to drop into your glass at the exact moment he pours your drink.

I highly recommend spending a night at Bar零 if you are ever in Tokyo. It will be a truly unique experience.


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