Summer Baking: Savory Herbed Pane Bianco

After another grey and rainy day, I wanted to try to bake bread again. The last time I actually baked bread (other than teaching my students how to) was probably in my Culinary Arts program at Middle Bucks Institute of Technology during high school.

I always loved baking bread in school and especially enjoyed learning how to bake with my grandparents in Philadelphia when I was younger.

I decided on Pane Bianco because it is a savory bread and I am obsessed with anything garlic. The recipe seemed easy enough but with an added challenge of a twisted S shape. My dough initially looked like it had not risen (maybe my yeast was old or water was too cold.) So I researched the best yeast for baking and came across, saf-instant yeast to use for future baking.

For the filling, which is spread in the middle of the rolled out dough I put: fresh basil, garlic, pepper, parmagana cheese, mozzarella cheese and Italian seasoning.

The S shape was actually easier to make than I thought. It turned out perfect! It was also good to find out that my oven works well for baking bread. I’m so excited to bake more bread this summer!


Organic Protein Smoothie


After Barre Class, I usually make a smoothie with SunWarrior Organic Protein in it. The protein is made from organic pea, brown rice, quinoa, chia and amaranth. I love the taste of original but it also comes in vanilla and chocolate. Recipe:

Organic Protein Smoothie:
1/2 Banana (fresh or frozen)
1/2 cup Frozen Mixed Berries
1 Handful of Frozen Kale or Spinach
1 Scoop (25g) of SunWarrior Plus Protein
1/2 cup Unsweetened Cranberry Juice
Splash of Orange Juice & top it off with water
-Blend until smooth.

img_0806I have been trying to go zero-waste so I don’t buy straws anymore. My favorite stainless steel straws to use are these Reusable Stainless Steel Straws. They are such easy straws to use because they comes with cleaning brushes as well. The straws work great with a delicious healthy smoothie!


Banana Cream Fruit Tart

Hello almost-summer! In celebration of summer and my goal of baking more this season I decided to make a fruit tart. (After constantly seeing and craving the ones at Wegmans.)

I wanted the tart to be healthier and needed to use up browned bananas so I looked for a dairy-free banana cream recipe. I found this wonderful filling from Thriving on Paleo and just cut the recipe in half for my single glass pie pan.

I used my new Microplane Zester for adding lemon zest to the filling as well. It is the best zester ever and can easily eat through a block of cheese in one minute.

The final product was so delicious and refreshing for summertime!


Back to Baking

005_5I lived in my Little Tikes Kitchen Set. My finest creations were mixed up from rice and water, which would magically turn into beautiful delectable plastic foods. From the time I was able to hold a spoon I have helped out in my family’s kitchen and grew to appreciate food as an art.

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by good food and home cooking all of my life. My Grandfather was a baker, my Grandmother cooked Italian feasts every day, and my Mom-mom baked delectable desserts for holidays and hosted incredible parties with beautiful food. Thankfully, my parents allowed me at a very young age to help cook in our home. It is sad that some of my students barely know how to hold a spoon or turn on a stove. I always hope to be able to pass on cooking and baking skills to my family and teach my students so they can pass on to their future generations.

I’ve been inspired to cook and bake more from listening to a ton of food podcasts like: Bon Appétit, The Sporkful, The Splendid Table, Burnt Toast, GastroPod and Why We Eat What We Eat. Also, watching Netflix’s Chef’s Table: Pastry made me want to start baking again and create beautiful desserts. jh (4)

So my challenge for this summer is to bake and cook more. I will be taking suggestions in this Google Form and need lots of taste testers for new recipes!

So just comment below, or let me know here what you want me to cook or bake!